The rain after the clouds

Lot of things have changed during the past few days, cloudy mornings have turned into rainy days and the hot cup of tea has lost it’s aroma, except for the monotonous and the cold atmosphere inside the conference room. The mixed feelings for that person is clogged by all kind of random thoughts which resembles to the roads that has been filled with water due to the incessant rain for the last few days. Even the roadside vendor who sells the hot snacks has remembered to keep the number while serving, as opposed to the casual statement, “it doesn’t matter if i give away one or two extra….”. The pourin’ rains have definitely brought a change to the way things used to be, also bringing along some old memories, beautiful and bitter alike. The reminiscence of a child looking curiously out of the window at the drops of water falling from the sky and the fear of thunder, enthusiasm of a rainy day at school with friends, the naughty splash of puddles, a second seems longer than ever while waiting for the rain to stop to invade those wet play grounds, and then one morning the rain is the most beautiful thing, that person you used to see everyday for the last few years has become more than just your classmate or a friend, every moment you see those eyes through the thin threads of the rain drops is a moment you wish that stayed with you forever, even the cool breeze joins in the drama by playing with the hair, which until now was not even in the picture. Unknowingly life changes from the hot and spicy evening snacks made by your mother on a rainy day to the occasional cup of creamy coffee with that one person, enjoying every sip and sneaking a peek every time you raise your face from the cup with the smile made by the creamy foam, moments like the sun having a peek in between the clouds and the rain. The silence is suddenly broken by the soft laughs and while you take time to look up, the lips have turned into a smile that has been becoming more beautiful ever since you first saw it, with a deep lingering look in the eyes and those soft small hands reach over to your face to wipe of that foam in exchange for your most innocent expression as to what is happening. The moment is like the innocent rainbow that has come out of nowhere…., but for a later realization that there always has been a sun peeking around and the rain drops which creates the wonderful feeling of a rainbow in our lives.


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