A cloudy morning

It was all cloudy when i woke up this morning, surprisingly there has not been much rain even after the monsoon season has begun. I came to the place where I work after overcoming a great deal of laziness. It started drizzling when I was almost near the office, giving me second thoughts about whether the rain gods are having another off day. But I came in safely, without getting much damages. I settled down in the big conference room, trying to figure out what to do next. As i looked beyond the glass walls to the outside, I noticed that the drizzling has stopped, there were people walking outside, surprisingly slow moving vehicles. The monotony was broken as a boy came in with the usual cup of morning tea for me, all the mixed thoughts i was having vanished just like the drizzling stopped a while ago. I took the first sip of the tea and felt something good about the hotness that I was feeling inside and the cool atmosphere outside. Once I kept the cup aside, and started to focus on the work that i have to complete today, i saw my phone screen came alive, there was a message from someone i care a lot about. At that moment it seemed to me that all those mixed thoughts were about that person and the messages were like the drizzling, more like the rain that comes and goes once in a while.


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