A smile that is worth more than a penny..

Sometimes I wonder how much a smile can change things in someone’s life. The one smile i can always remember is my mother’s. It brings back all the memories i have of my childhood as little as i can recollect. And there is always that one person’s smile, which will always make my heart skip a beat. That is one beautiful moment i would treasure lifelong.

A smile can sometimes bring so much changes in the life of a person. People don’t realize it until they experience it. There should be one smile in everyone’s life that would keep them going in life, no matter whatever difficulties that comes across in their path. Nurture that feeling, how it feels to see that special someone smile. That smile should mean something to you, it should have a value compared to nothing else. Sometimes all it needs a loving hug, a friendly pat, a kind gesture, a humble appreciation, even a kiss at the right moment would bring about the most beautiful smile ever.

These are just some of my thoughts, and to those who all are reading this, my request to you is to make someone smile, to make someone happy today, that person be your mother, father, son, daughter, boy friend or girl friend or even a stranger who you pass by. If you truly make that person happy, then what you achieve will be something more valuable than money, something you can cherish for a long time. 🙂


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